About Me

Hello Everyone!

In this section I’ll try to give you a little background on myself and my current situation as well as what motivates me and why I decided to start this blog.

First off, I’d like to say thanks for stopping by and checking it (me) out! This project will be a labor of love and learning with what I am sure will be many mistakes along the way. However I am determined to make this blog a place where people can visit, connect and discuss all kinds of positive life experiences. The main vision of the blog is to promote a healthy active lifestyle through cooking, surfing, traveling, gardening, snowboarding, photography, reading, yoga and all of what this amazing planet and life has to offer! I am not limiting anything on the site and a lot of posts may be just what I did that day or what is currently happening in my life.


I was born and raised in Spooner, Wisconsin a small town of 2000 people about 2 hours East of Minneapolis MN. I had an interesting and amazing childhood and loved being in the woods, hunting, fishing, playing any and all sports, riding motorcycles, among all kinds of other great activities. Growing up that way it was easy to take for granted all the amazing things I had right at my fingertips. Now as a grown man I fondly remember the times of weeding the garden (hated it then), canning (yep, hated it), butchering and preparing chickens (mostly hated it) among other things that most people have long forgotten how to do. I will bring these experiences to my blog and as I have grown older my appreciation for my childhood and what I was taught increases constantly. I was raised to be a respectful, self-sufficient, caring and compassionate person and I have my 2 amazing parents Bruce and Lori to thank for that! I lost my Father Bruce to cancer in 2006 but continue to live out his legacy and the lessons he taught me.


Currently I am living in beautiful Leucadia (Encinitas), California! My 10 year California anniversary is coming up quickly on January 5th 2015! Living the lifestyle I currently do is quite different from how I was raised but I strive to be the same person I was in Wisconsin in California. It’s a faster lifestyle out here but living 4 blocks from the ocean can overcome just about any negatives. I have been wakeboarding and snowboarding since around 14 years old and knew I was going to become a surfer the first time I saw someone paddling out on a visit to Oregon when I was about 10. I can remember seeing those 2 guys putting on their wetsuits and paddling out like it was last week. On the day I arrived in Cardiff California my friend Phil and I rented wetsuits and surfboards within an hour of arriving at my new apartment. Funny and embarrassing story of my first surf session, both of us had put on and zipped up our wetsuits backwards! This was decidedly uncool of course and we quickly turned them around. I wouldn’t catch many waves that day but after dedicating myself to becoming a good surfer I have definitely advanced over the past 10 years. My progression was hastened along by living with guys that had been surfing their whole lives and they really pushed/taught me a lot. I also was fortunate enough to take an amazing surf trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua a couple years back with pumping swell that really pushed my surfing to a new level!


Along with my love and passion for surfing, I also am a dedicated snowboarder and have been lucky enough to visit and ride in Alaska, Jackson Hole, Vail, Wolf Creek, Tahoe, Mammoth and Big Bear among many others. I also love to wakeboard when I get a chance and am pretty much willing to tackle any sport or fun activity that you can throw at me!


The biggest news in my life right now is that I am ABOUT TO GET MARRIED!! Wow! We are just over one month away from the date which is August 23rd. I am unbelievably lucky to be marrying my best friend and the most amazingly positive, beautiful, caring and compassionate person I know. Beth is my fiancée and we actually dated when we were 16 and went to rival high schools! We dated for a summer and hung out some in college as we went to neighboring ones. However, after that we lost touch for nearly 10 years but thanks to the good old internets we found each other again and began exchanging messages. Beth was living in Chicago at the time and I of course was in California. I invited her to a friend’s wedding in Southern Wisconsin which she accepted somewhat to my surprise. We ended up camping out in a canvas tent, got rained on and pretty much had one of the best weekends of our lives! After that we dated long distance for nearly a year and then Beth pulled up stakes and moved out to California to be with me and start our new life together! We got engaged on a camping trip to Big Sur over my birthday last August next to a beautiful secluded waterfall we hiked up to. It could not have been a more perfect moment.


Now that you know a little bit more about me, feel free to ask anything as I want this blog to be about fresh positive ideas and lifestyle choices. My goals, as I mentioned before would be to get you as excited as I do about cooking great food, gardening, surfing, traveling, reading and simply living and loving every moment of this amazing life we have been blessed with! Every moment and every day of our lives should be lived to the fullest and not taken for granted. The love and health of our loved ones and friends is the most important thing there is and should be cherished as something we need to be extremely thankful for.


Thanks again and I appreciate all constructive feedback!


-Jeramiah Townsend

My beautiful fiancée and I hiking Volcan mtn in East County San Diego

My beautiful fiancée and I hiking Volcan mtn in East County San Diego

Cheeeeese! Engagement pic!

Cheeeeese! Engagement pic!

Beth and I at the Brewers/Padres game!

Beth and I at the Brewers/Padres game!

Beth and I at the top of Solitude in Utah!

Beth and I at the top of Solitude in Utah!


Camping in Big Sur!

Camping in Big Sur!


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