The Hungry Wandering Surfer


I came up with this recipe by just using what I had around the house from grocery shopping over the weekend. It was a chilly night (for San Diego anyway) and I wanted something that would be easy to make but hearty and warming as well. I had some lentils in the pantry and figured a simple stew with the lentils, sausage and kale would do just the trick!   Ingredients: 5 sweet Italian… Read More

Today’s recipe is a super easy and delicious “digestif” called limoncello (also known as lemoncello). A “digestif” is a drink/cocktail you usually sip after dinner as a palate cleanser and in theory to aid digestion. I fell in love with this tasty little drink on Christmas Eve 2 years ago in Chicago. My Fiancée, her parents and I went to a great little Italian restaurant for Christmas Eve Dinner as her apartment… Read More