The Hungry Wandering Surfer


I came up with this recipe by just using what I had around the house from grocery shopping over the weekend. It was a chilly night (for San Diego anyway) and I wanted something that would be easy to make but hearty and warming as well. I had some lentils in the pantry and figured a simple stew with the lentils, sausage and kale would do just the trick!   Ingredients: 5 sweet Italian… Read More

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time for Nena’s tip and recipe of the week again! Today’s “tip” is somewhat lengthy as she dedicated an entire page in her book to it. I really believe it shows just how ahead of her time she was when it came to living a healthy lifestyle. In fact to her it wasn’t necessarily a “healthy lifestyle”, it was simply how she was raised and how she lived… Read More

Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you are all having a great week! For today’s post I am going to put up my first “Nena tip and recipe”. Nena was my Grandma Helen and she was a woman well ahead of her time. She practiced a healthy holistic lifestyle before it was ever known as a “lifestyle”. She was a cook, author, gardener, reflexologist, unlicensed family therapist, and simply an amazing woman all… Read More